About orders

  • How long does it take to dispatch my order? It takes 1-7 days.

About payment

  • Can I pay via direct bank transfer? Yes, bank account LT407300010154092178, receiver name Rasa Kobzarukienė.
  • Can I pay via Paypal? Yes.

About storage & pet hammocks

  • How to attach the hammock to a 4 legged furniture? Watch manual or view images below. Saveplace® hammocks are designed to be attached at your desired height because of the adjustable fastening straps. Pay attention that all straps are at the same level. You do not need any furniture crossbars for the hammock to hold. Except in case of very slippery or very narrowing furniture legs, use rubber bands (included in the package): first put bands on the furniture legs at the same height, then attach hammock straps on them).

Watch this video when you DO NOT NEED rubber bands (attach all straps at the same height):

Watch this video when you NEED rubber bands (attach all straps at the same height):

  • Can I wash the hammock in the washing machine? Yes, 30°C, mild program. Wool hammock wash with wool program. Before washing remove the iron loops and stick all 4 straps separately, that the contact (velcro) tape does not come out.
  • What is capacity of hammock? Recommended capacity is about 15 kg.
  • Can I attach the hammock at any height of the furniture? Yes, because the hammock belts are adjustable.
  • Can I attach the hammock only to the wooden furniture legs? No, also to plastic, metal furniture legs.
  • Can I attach the hammock to a piece of furniture that has no crossbars? Yes, the crossbars are not needed to hold the hammock on the furniture legs.
  • Can I attach the hammock to the furniture whose legs are straight? Yes.
  • Can I attach the hammock in a metal pet cage (in exhibitions)? Yes, it perfectly suits in pet metal cages.