NATURE Saveplace® Beige Versatile Multi-Purpose Chair Table Cage Hammock Cat Dog Small Pet Storage Hammock, 6 Sizes


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Saveplace® hammocks are perfectly suited for cats, small breed dogs, other small pets and for storage. This portable hammock solves all your lack-of-space problems, and all you need is four 4 wooden/metal/plastic posts to strap it to (the legs of a chair, table, bench) or even used in metal cage.
Hammock For Pet

Hammocks are super comfortable, bowl shaped and, as a result, cats and other small pets love them. Treat your pet to the Unique place to chill and gain storage room!
Hammock For Pet

SIZES: use our hammock size guide below to find the best size (if you don’t know which size is good for you, chat us).
MATERIALS: linen; light grey waterproof fabric. Both sides are used. Includes rectangular loops and elastic bands. Additional carabiners and oval loops also available.
CAPACITY: ~15 kg.
CARE: easy care, machine-washable 30°C (before washing remove metal loops, fold each strap in half).
ORIGIN: Lithuania.
MANUAL: hammocks are designed to be attached at your desired height because of the adjustable fastening straps. Pay attention that all straps are at the same level. You do not need any furniture crossbars for the hammock to hold. Except in case of very slippery or narrowing furniture legs, use rubber bands (incl. in the package; first put bands on the furniture legs at the same level, then attach straps on them).

Watch this video when you DO NOT NEED rubber bands.
Watch this video when you NEED rubber bands.



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