Saveplace® Dog, Cat Bed/Mat with Wool, Various Colors Pom Poms, 2 Sizes


In the main photo, the cat is lying on a 50 cm diameter mat/bed.


Saveplace® pet bed is made with wool, providing a special warming effect that pets love. Wool’s natural insulation keeps your cat and dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer, providing year-round comfort.

Convenient and versatile, you can easily roll up the bed for travel with your pet. Use it not only on the floor but also on the sofa to protect your furniture from pet hair and keep your home clean.

The moisture-wicking properties of wool help keep the bed dry and fresh, ensuring a hygienic environment for your pet.

Materials: 40% wool, 60% polyester.
Made in Lithuania, Europe.

Additional information

Pom poms color:

1c pom poms – Gray, 2c pom poms – Brown, 3c pom poms – Dark brown, 4c pom poms – Olive Green, 5c pom poms – Navy Blue, 6c pom poms – Sky Blue, 7c pom poms – Light Blue, 10c pom poms – Turquoise, 11c pom poms – Green, 12c pom poms – Red, 13c pom poms – Maroon, 14c pom poms – Light Pink, 15c pom poms – Mustard Yellow, 16c pom poms – Magenta, 17c pom poms – Cream, 18c pom poms – Yellow, 19c pom poms – Bright Yellow, 20c pom poms – Orange, 21c pom poms – White, 22c pom poms – Black, 8c pom poms – Lavender, 9c pom poms – Purple, 1p big pom poms – Walnut, 2p big pom poms – Caramel, 3p big pom poms – Milk

Pet bed/mat size:

⌀ 50 cm (19.685 in), ⌀ 70 cm (27.559 in)


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