Saveplace® grey wool mat for furniture hammock, with various colors big pom poms



Cats love to lay on woolen things so this is surely the best choice for your cat.

These wool mats were created for Saveplace® 40×47 cm (15.74×18.50 in) and 47×47 cm (18.50×18.50 in) hammocks but you can use it also alone without a hammock.
Is is very compact so you can take this flexible woolen mat while traveling with your cat.
For custom size mat contact

Materials: 40% wool, 60% polyester.

Made in Lithuania, Europe.

Note: hammock is not included.

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40×47 cm (15.74×18.50 in), 47×47 cm (18.50×18.50 in)

Pom poms:

Caramel, 2p, Milk, 3p, Walnut, 1p


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