Saveplace® Felt Blanket For Furniture Hammock, With Various Colors Pom Poms / Cat Mat



Cats love to lay on woolen things so this is surely the best choice for your cat.

These wool mats were created for Saveplace® 40×47 cm (15.74×18.50 in) and 47×47 cm (18.50×18.50 in) hammocks but you can use it also alone without a hammock.
Is is very compact so you can take this flexible woolen mat while traveling with your cat.
For custom size mat contact

Materials: 40% wool, 60% polyester.

Made in Lithuania, Europe.

Note: hammock is not included.

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40×47 cm (15.74×18.50 in), 47×47 cm (18.50×18.50 in)

Pom poms:

10c, 11c, 12c, 13c, 14c, 15c, 16c, 17c, 18c, 19c, 1c, 20c, 21c, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c


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