LastSwab Cosmetic Swab with Case, black



LastSwab is durable reusable cosmetic swab which will replace the use of traditional cotton swabs forever and help to protect nature every day!

Made of durable materials such as nylon and thermoplastic, it will replace 1 000 cotton cosmetic swabs. Flexible and soft tips will not irritate the skin, and the durable stem will ensure longevity. The case will help you to store and carry it safely and comfortably. The tray is recyclable because it is made from fermented plant starch.

Usage: Open the box by sliding the top cover away from you and take the cosmetic swab. Use as a regular cosmetic swab which helps you conveniently clean make-up inaccuracies – such as mascara marks from the eyelid.

Care: Wash thoroughly with soap and water after each use. Drain and place back in the tray.

Warnings: Do not insert the swab into your ears or nose. Do not use with acetone. Do not wash in the dishwasher. Do not immerse in boiling water.


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