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Oriental Shorthair cats


The Oriental Shorthair is a member of the Siamese family of breeds, and can be found in various solid colors, and patterns such as smoke, shaded, parti-color/tortoiseshell, tabby and bicolor (any of the above, with white).


The Oriental Shorthair is a medium size cat. On average, males weigh from 8-12 lbs | 3.6-5.4 kg, with females weighing less than 8 lbs | 3.6 kg.


Orientals are extremely social, loving, and loyal, and their feelings are easily hurt if you ignore or scold them. Orientals don’t just want attention— they need it desperately if they are to live happy, healthy lives. If you provide the tender loving care they need, they’ll do just about anything to please you. Ignore them, and they become unhappy and depressed. However, when given their full share of affection, Orientals will repay you with a lifetime of love, affection, and intelligent conversation. They usually bond with one person and become extremely devoted to and dependent upon their chosen human. Expect them to be at your side, on your shoulder, and at the door to interrogate you about where you’ve been, why you went there, and what you brought back for “me-orrr.” Oriental Shorthair cats have high locomotion levels and are natural conversationalists.


Oriental Shorthairs are related to the Siamese family, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t shed too much either. They have short, smooth hair that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance at all. Just keep in mind that they really love attention and require a lot of it!


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