STRAWBERRIES Saveplace® Hammock for Storage & Pets, linen and cotton



Hammock 40×47 cm is to furniture up to 53×53 cm, usually for chairs.

Suitable to furniture with 4 wooden, metal, plastic legs, in pet cage.

Treat Your Kitty To The Most Comfy Bed And Gain Storage Room!

Clever Cat Care: Your kitty needs a comfy place to sleep and you don’t want to have a cat bed lying around that uses space and needs to be moved for cleaning the floor? Our hanging mats solve all those issues and look fabulous, too!

Cats just love our kitty hammocks because they are super comfortable, bowl shaped, safe & elevated  – treat your kitty today to a unique place to chill!

Saveplace® Hanging Mats are perfectly suited for: cats, small breed dogs, other small pets, storage (various things).

Upper side – 55% linen, 45% cotton.

Bottom side – strong & water resistant fabric.
Recommended capacity about 15 kg. Both sides are used.
Adjustable straps – attach mat in the desired height with 4 metal loops (they do not reach furniture legs).
No need of furniture crossbars.
Easy care – machine-washable 30°C.
Made in Lithuania.

Saveplace® Grey Woolen Mat for Furniture Hammock / Cat Mat


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