Saveplace® Black Multi-Purpose Storage Hanging Case / Baby Trolley Case / Cot Case / Office Chair Case with Embroidered Sandy Triangles (25x19x6 cm)


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This pocket is with adjustable belts, so you can practicaly attach it to any horizontal element.

This is a great pocket which will allow you to have the most important things on hand (mobile, keys, napkins, diapers, sunglasses, etc.):

  • On the baby stroller,
  • On the cot,
  • On the office/desk chair,
  • On the bicycle,
  • On the car seat,
  • On the other horizontal element.

Size: height 19 cm, length 25 cm, width 6 cm.

Materials: water resistant impregnated fabric, zipper, velcro belts.

Made in Lithuania.



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